Code of Ethics


Our Code of Ethics


Any environment conducive to education and learning must be subject to order and respect.  In order to achieve and maintain such an environment regulations and rules are designed to benefit and to protect all the members who are related to this organization. The rules set forth in this Code are to ensure that everyone enjoys a respectful, safe and dynamic environment and all the members of our staff and all the program participants and/or clients are encouraged to follow the following rules.


  • Participants and our staff are expected to recognize that participating and working at Solalex Dialogue Academy is a respectful, goal-oriented and important reality and keeping order is a joint responsibility.
  • Participants and coaches, where applicable, must demonstrate interest in effective communication and do their best to make it a reality.
  • Communication is expected to be regular, constant and respectful.
  • As Solalex Dialogue Academy is owned and managed by a Canadian entity, English is the only communicative language used at all
  • We must all ensure that no subject, topic, comment or article being used is offensive to any gender or orientation, age group, ethnicity, religious or political entity.
  • We must all adhere to this code and ensure its practice.