Our Message

Letter from the President

I am tremendously pleased to live in an era that communication have transformed to a concept in which people have broken the barriers of traditional means and have together stepped into a space where there is no limit to the way we can communicate.  With the power of human creativity and the ever-growing technology, we are now able to bring our skills together from all corners of the globe providing multitude of possibilities for the nations to communicate, trade, interact and eventually make dramatic changes to live a better life.  Mastering and developing skills of a new language is one of the possibilities with great importance as each time an individual develops a new skill will then take a step further towards sustainable change in their own lives and the lives of others.

Having been a coach and a teacher for most of my professional life, I am so glad to have seen people change their lives by learning another language or by developing life skills, moving up to better jobs, higher life standards, building a greater self-confidence, expanding their horizons and most importantly understanding other cultures.

In this celebration of global awareness, I would like to welcome you to Dialogue Academy and to this unique opportunity to make a commitment to yourself and take a strong step forward in your life every single day that you learn English with us or use our other programs.  The skills you acquire and the experiences you gain in the course of our programs are the treasures that will last for you a lifetime.    I would also like to congratulate those who have developed and mastered a new skill and have made a commitment to live a bold life.

With the hope that our programs become pathways toward understanding different cultures and the worldwide peace and a better life for the mankind and the generations-to-come, I invite you to enjoy our wide array of programs.  I also would like to ensure you to feel free to contact my office should you have any comments or suggestions.


Alireza Ghambari

ELC/CCE Certified

Head of Programs