Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

  • Define an ultimate goal by offering programs that enable individuals develop and master new life skills.
  • Symbolize new possibilities in areas of Combined Tourism, leadership, personal development, education and dialogue of cultures
  • Shape a society of adventurous global citizen- without-borders who are prepared to accept responsibilities and are ready to discover their capabilities to make a constructive change in their own lives and lives of the others.
  • Actualize the idea that learning can be joyful yet orderly, constant and decisive.
  • Encourage individuals’ strategic insights and analytical thinking.
  • Pursue and nurture our ultimate goal and encourage people to upgrade their skills and life standards.
  • Actualize the notion of conservation.


Our Moral Values

  • Exercise wisdom in dialogues we exchange, listen empathetically and twice as much as we talk.
  • Consider the rights and freedoms of others and reflect them in our decision makings.
  • Respecting those who are absent and defend their rights.
  • Brace the culture of peace
  • Ensure uncompromising personalized contentment for everyone inside and outside the organization
  • Materialize the ultimate goal by living and working with integrity and by making a difference in the lives of families, children and people around us in any way possible through this educational relationship.