List of Workshops

Pronunciation Workshop

A good and correct pronunciation is a key to successful communication.  If you have mastered your English language skills but still feel that you need the comfort of your speech to make the right impression when you speak the language, then this workshop course is for you.  We, at dialogue academy offer special classes with a scientific approach to general pronunciation of English sounds, intonation, stress patterns, phonetics and particular sound liaisons that take place in English language.  The course is offered in form of an online workshop and is conducted by Mr. Alireza Ghambari himself. This workshop is being held every month. For further information regarding the upcoming workshop please send an email to the program coordination at

Writing Workshop

Written English is probably the most familiar form of the language for the students.  The very first set of codes that language learners come across with is usually presented in the written form.  The problem and the need to master writing skills arise when language learners find themselves in situations when they are required to express their views in the written form.  In order to help our applicants realistically encounter problems with writing skills and expand their abilities to write good and effective English, we have designed our writing program which comprehensively covers language sub-skills such as, visual skills, grammatical skills, stylistic skills, rhetorical and organizational skills. The course is presented in the form of an online workshop exclusively conducted by Mr. Alireza Ghambari himself.   The workshop starts at the beginning of each month, however to inquire further information about this program please contact program coordinator by sending an email to